NEW Book: Examine First, Yourself

“It is easy to examine the lives of others without carefully examining our own.

In Examine First, Yourself, Angela Crudupt seeks to challenge and motivate the readers through thought-provoking text that inspires spiritual accountability as well as maturity in Jesus Christ. Powerfully insightful and exhortative on Christian virtue and discipline. Crudupt, fearlessly direct, uses her gift as a minister to expose, challenge and motivate the body of Christ through thought-provoking commentary that inspires spiritual accountability, conviction, submission, and transformation. Crudupt exhorts those who are yearning and seeking a greater spiritual alignment to passionately pursue and firmly protect their relationship with Jesus Christ.

While many Christian books are rooted in personal testimonies, Examine First, Yourself is firmly established in self-discipline, applying scripture and divine revelation to combat modern day issues plaguing the Church.”

Available NOW!

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