The Father’s Will, Surrender

I came across this worship song by William McDowell this evening and it literally had me weeping. The lyrics are filled with conviction, love and truth, pointing you directly to the heart of Jesus.

May this song minister to the core of your soul and elevate not only your worship, but your level of surrender and prayer.

William McDowell, “Song Of Intercession Intro”

“It’s so important that we surrender
‘Cause there are things on the heart of the Father
That we can’t even know until we posture ourselves
To surrender to what He wants.
We’ve been… deceived by the enemy
In the area of prayer
Because, specifically–I know this will go around the world,
But specifically in America,
The most financially prosperous nation on the earth–
The enemy has deceived many parts of the church
By convincing us to continue praying for our own needs
When we have everything we can possibly imagine.

If we were to heed the words of Jesus, he said:
Take no thought of what you will each,
What you will drink, or what you will wear,
For your Father knows that you have
Needed these things before you ask.
It goes on later to say,
Consider the lilies of the field:
They neither toil nor spin,
Yet Solomon, the richest man that ever lived,
In his glory, was never arrayed like one of these.
God… knows what we have need of.

I want to invite us to a new posture
Of understanding and prayer.
Don’t spend your faith on yourself.
That’s lower-level prayer.
How can we ever apprehend the heart of the Father
For the nations, if we keep worrying about
If He’ll pay our bills next month?

The nations are desperately in need
Of a church who will arise in power
And intercede on their behalf,
That the Lord of Glory would intervene
On the affairs of the earth.
I just wonder, if in this moment,
There are some people who say,
“Okay, I get it.”
Maybe some of you for the first time.

Posture yourself in the position in prayer
To apprehend God in a way that says:
“Lord, this prayer, this cry
Is not about me, is not about my needs,
Is not about my desires.
It’s about what You want,
It’s about interceding for the nations.

Is there anyone in this room tonight
Who have enough faith to know that
Everyone of your needs is taken care of.
It’s time for us to intercede
On behalf of the nations.
It’s time for us to intercede
On behalf of the nations!”

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“Everyone has a divine purpose; my hope is through the Power of God, you walk boldly in yours!” ~ With Love, Minister Angela

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